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Audrey Davis

Author of The Haunting Of Hattie Hastings

“Apart from sales, the one thing that makes authors giddy with joy are book reviews. A couple of words, a sentence or two – are guaranteed to put a smile on our faces. When Books Of All Shades offered to review The Haunting Of Hattie Hastings, I was delighted but apprehensive. Not one, not two, but THREE individuals willing to read and share their thoughts on Amazon and GoodReads. Imagine my delight to receive three wonderful reviews – including a YouTube video – which went far beyond my expectations. In-depth, honest and providing food for thought, the group clearly read the book with a forensic eye, and completely ‘got’ what my story was about. I would wholeheartedly recommend Books Of All Shades. Their generosity, dedication and commitment to authors moved me enormously and I will forgive them for the leaking eyes they induced! Happy tears, and I know I’ll revisit their reviews in moments of self doubt. Thank you so much!”

Ime Atakpa

Author of The Stars Within Us

“The team at Books Of All Shades is both professionally courteous and prompt in their reviews. All three reviewers take a detailed, in-depth look at your novel and each creates a review that it insightful for potential readers as well as constructive for authors. Not only that, but even with their heavy workload, they are able to read and review fairly quickly once your book is next in queue. I cannot recommend them enough!”

Andrew Whittaker

Author of The Devil From The River

“As a first time author, the hardest thing I’ve faced is just getting the word of my book out. Then Books of All Shades came along and helped me do just that. Their honest and open reviews have not only increased my sales but have given me confidence that I can make it as an author. I can’t wait to send them my second book.”

R.J Rosatte

Author of Revenge Comes Calling

“The three reviews were varied, but I understand that things can be viewed or interpreted differently by different readers. I found your group to be very professional and two of the reviews, although opposite in their take, were insightful and useful to me going forward.”