Meet the team!

Our team is what makes our book club what it is. Without the hard work and dedication from these guys, we wouldn’t be able to offer the services we do!

In 2018, Emily, Maria and Jay became author buddies.

As writers/authors ourselves, it soon became apparent how difficult it was to get reviews for books. Without reviews, authors would never get the recognition they deserve!

So, in December 2018, Books Of All Shades was born – a book club dedicated to helping authors promote and showcase their books through in-depth, insightful book reviews. Let’s meet the team!

Emily Quinn 🇬🇧

Emily Quinn has been a writer since a young age, but only recently started working on writing novels within the past 3 years. Emily’s love of writing has led her to work on her first novel, which she hopes to have completed by the end of 2019.

Maria E. L. Thomassen 🇩🇰

Maria E. L. Thomassen started her journey fifteen years ago with small writing, working her way up to finally working hard, seriously and passionately with her drafted series. She’s currently working on the edits of her first novel. Maria is aiming to become better day by day to eventually publish her debut novel and give an incredible sensation to her readers.

Justin Jay Gladstone 🇺🇸